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Photo Name Part number On stock Price EXW Kyiv
ГСШ-А-18 Headset with medium noise protection GSSH-А-18 GSSH-A-18 1 0.00 USD
ВУ-6Б Rectifier VU-6B VU-6B 1 0.00 USD
ПУС-36ДМ Control device PUS-36DM (ПУС-36ДМ) PUS-36DM 10 550.00 USD
ДМР-200Д Differential relay DMR-200D DMR-200D 1 0.00 USD
РЭП-8Т Relay REP-8T (РЭП-8Т) РЭП-8Т (REP-8T) 4 500.00 USD
АГБ-3К Attitude Indicator AGB-3K ser. 2 AGB-3K ser. 2 3 5000.00 USD
ОРЛАН 85СТ Transceiver ORLAN 85ST ORLAN 85ST 1 0.00 USD
 АПС-6602-2700 Valve pyrohead APS-6602-2700 APS-6602-2700 1 0.00 USD
РН-120У Coal voltage regulator RN-120U RN-120U 1 0.00 USD
РН-600 Coal voltage regulator RN-600 RN-600 1 0.00 USD
МП-95 Overload sensor MP-95 MP-95 1 0.00 USD
ФСС-1 Chip alarm filter FSS-1 FSS-1 1 0.00 USD
АШС-1 Antenna ASHS-1 8АТ-7103-320 ASHS-1 1 0.00 USD
КИ-13К Magnetic liquid compass KI-13K KI-13K 1 0.00 USD
БРН120Т5А-3С Voltage regulation unit BRN120T5A-3C BRN120T5A-3C 1 0.00 USD
СП-10 Fuse SP-10 SP-10 1 0.00 USD
АРУФОШ-45 Aviation UV lamp ARUFOSH-45 type ARUFOSH-45 1 0.00 USD
АШВ-75 Antenna ASHV-75 140-7103-160 ASHV-75 1 0.00 USD
Кран проводной 630600 Wire faucet 630600 630600 1 0.00 USD
РЭС-52-Т Relay RES-52-T RES-52-T 1 0.00 USD

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