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Valve pyrohead APS-6602-2700

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Valve pyrohead type PGKc APS-6602-2700 is designed for remote opening of a fire extinguisher from an electrical impulse and is used in fire extinguishers of fire extinguishing systems on aircraft in all climatic regions.

The assigned resource of the product is 30 operations during the service life of the object, in a tropical climate for 2 years. 
Shelf life is 3 years in the manufacturer's packaging in warehouses, in a tropical climate up to 1 year.

The indicated resource, service life and storage periods are valid provided that the consumer observes the conditions and rules of storage, transportation and operation established in the operational documentation.


1. Valve pyrohead APS-6602-2700 - 1 pc. 

2. Safety kit (check, plug and union nut) - 2 pc.

After the installation of the fire extinguisher on the object, it is stored by the service personnel.

Spare parts:

1. Ring sealing - 2258A-9-2 - 5 pc.

2. Ring sealing - 2258A-17-2 - 5 pc.

After 10 operations, the rings are replaced.

3. Ring APS-6600-2406 - 2 pc. - completed with separate delivery of pyroheads.

Наименование Значение
1. Рабочая среда хладон 11482 ГОСТ 15899-79, хладон 13В1
2. Применяемые пиропатроны 7ПП-683 (ПП-3)
3. Количество пиропатронов 2
4. Напряжение, необходимое для срабатывания пиропатронов, В 27±2,7
5. Количество срабатываний 30
6. Момент затяжки, Н•м, (кГм) 30+5 (3+0.5)
7. Исполнение для всех климатических районов
8. Пироголовка работоспособна:
а) в интервале температур, °С от -60 до +80
б) в условиях вибрации в диапазоне частот от 18 до 300 Гц с ускорением м•с-2 (g) до 49 (5)
в) в условиях относительной влажности при температуре 40°С, %, до 98
9. Масса пироголовки, кг, не более 0,560