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ALLIANCE PARTNERSHIP "UMA" offers manufacturers to effectively expand their market, without incurring additional marketing costs. Planned joint production will free up working capital and get guaranteed orders.


The MANUFACTURER undertakes:

1. Ensure the quality of the supplied products in accordance with the current TU, GOST, OST, DSTU, and other international rules and regulations.

2. Make free warranty repairs for Products sold by the DISTRIBUTOR and failed during the warranty period.

3. Provide the DISTRIBUTOR with advertising products, as well as inform about upcoming changes and upgrades of products, changes in their nomenclature.

4. Timely provide the DISTRIBUTOR with the cost and production time for the Products, upon inquiries sent by e-mail.

The DISTRIBUTOR undertakes:

1. Ensure acceptance, proper storage and pre-sale preparation of the received products.

2. Provide high-quality marketing support for the MANUFACTURER's products in the world market.

3. Timely inform the MANUFACTURER about upcoming orders to form a production plan.

ALLIANCE PARTNERS undertake on mutually beneficial terms:

1. To assist each other in the design, development, testing and obtaining the necessary certificates and licenses for Products.

2. To organize production on mutual areas.

3. Provide premises, equipment for rent in order to implement joint projects.

4. Provide an opportunity to sign contracts for the implementation of joint projects with employees of enterprises of both Parties.

5. Organize joint working groups to implement the design and development of new promising projects.

6. To coordinate joint actions in the plans for the implementation of marketing and sales of the Products.

7. The MANUFACTURER shall not be liable under the warranty if the malfunction occurred as a result of improper use of the products or improper installation, repair by the DISTRIBUTOR, as a result of non-observance of the conditions of transportation, storage, or as a result of changes in the product design.