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Coal voltage regulator RN-600

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The RN-600 coal voltage regulator is designed to automatically maintain the GO16PCh8 current voltage within the specified limits when changing its load and rotation speed in the operating range.

The RN-600 regulator is an electromagnetic rheostat-type regulator with a smooth change in the resistance of the coal column included in the generator excitation winding circuit.

The main parts of the regulator are: the regulator itself, a stand with shock absorbers, a base, a branch pipe, a plug connector, a trimmer rheostat.

The regulator itself consists of the following main elements: a carbon column, an anodized aluminum sleeve, an armature, a core with which the magnetic gap is regulated, an electromagnet body, an electromagnet flange, a coil with two windings - working and stabilizing, a ribbed body, three struts connecting the body with electromagnet body, contact for adjusting the resistance of the carbon column, flange, cap, plastic ring and washer.

Наименование Значение
1. Номинальное поддерживаемое напряжение, В 115
2. Напряжение постоянного тока в цепь возбуждения генератора, В 26-30
3. Мощность рассеиваемая угольным столбом, с продувом под полным напором в 140 мм вод. ст., Вт 600
4. Ток потребляемый рабочей обмоткой регулятора, А, не более 0,15
5. Режим работы продолжительный
6. Температура нагрева ребристого корпуса регулятора, °С, не более 200
7. Масса, кг, не более 2,5