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Headset with medium noise protection GSSH-А-18

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The headset with medium noise protection GSSh-A-18 is designed to work with onboard communication equipment that meets the following standards:

the supply voltage of the headset transmission cycle with the on-board network voltage from 18 to 31 V is not more than 10 V with the headset off and (5 ± 1) V with the headset connected;

the nominal input voltage of the modulation path of the radio station is (0.3 ± 0.05) V at a frequency of 1000 Hz with an input resistance of the path (250 ± 50) Ohm in the frequency range 300-3400 Hz;

the modulation coefficient of the radio station at a voltage at the input of the radio station Uin = 0.27 V at a frequency of 1000 Hz is from 60 to 90%;

voltage developed at the output of the self-monitoring path of the radio station and SPU, no more:

- 70 V - when working with a headset through a matching device;

- 12 V - when working with a headset without a matching device;

the maximum allowable voltage for two phones connected in series is not more than 20 V.

The headset consists of four main parts: a microphone, two telephones, a headband and a connecting cord.

The microphone consists of a holder, a body and a cover with a capsule located in them in a rubber shock absorber.

The headset is intended for use in the following conditions:

- ambient air temperature from minus 60 to plus 60 ° С;

- high relative air humidity 93 - 100% at a temperature not exceeding 50 ° С;

- low atmospheric pressure from 12 kPa (90 mm Hg);

- after exposure to linear acceleration up to 49 m / s² (5g);

- after exposure to vibration in the frequency range 18 - 288 Hz with vibration acceleration up to 19.6 m / s² (2g);

- after exposure to 10,000 shocks with an acceleration of 39.2 m / s² (4g);

- after a sharp change in pressure from 75 to 12 kPa (from 560 to 90 mm Hg).

The headset allows you to perceive information through telephones. As a telephone, an electromagnetic differential capsule is used, in which the membrane is located in the air gap symmetrically with respect to two poles.

The microphone has maximum sensitivity to sound sources located along a line through the center of the pole piece opening perpendicular to the plane of the diaphragm.

The headset is suitable for working together with the KM-32AG oxygen mask. Connecting the oxygen mask microphone to the headset automatically mutes the headset microphone.

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