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Transceiver ORLAN 85ST

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The transceiver is a part of the onboard transmitting-receiving radio station "ORLAN-85ST" of the MV range intended for installation on mainline civil aircraft.

The radio station provides:

- two-way simplex voice communication of the crew with ground ATC services and between aircraft crews in the air;

- continuous monitoring of the emergency channel at a frequency of 121.5 MHz (by command from the remote control) without disrupting the basic communication and control functions with the issuance of sound and light indication in the presence of a signal at the frequency of the emergency channel.

Radio station composition:

- transceiver;

- remote control;

- damping frame.


- planes: An-124, Tu-204-100, An-74TK-300D, Il-96-300, Tu-154M, An-140.

- helicopter: Mi-8AMT, Mi-171.

Наименование Значение
1. Диапазон частот, МГц 118-137,9917 (118-137,975)
2. Сетка частот, кГц 8,33 (25)
3. Номинальная выходная мощность, Вт 25-40
4. Чувствительность приёмника, мкВ, не хуже 1,5
5. Максимально допустимое отклонение частоты передатчика ±1х10-6
6. Масса, кг, не более 6,0