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Relay REP-8T (РЭП-8Т)

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Dimensions, mm
Price EXW Kyiv
500.00 USD
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Weight NETTO
0.27 kg

The electromagnetic polarized relay is designed to move the spool needle or control flap in the power steering of the sevro unit.

Relay characteristics REP-8T (РЭП-8Т)
Parameter name Value
Direct current bias winding supply voltage, V 27 +/- 10%
The value of the control signal required to deflect the armature by 1 degree, mA, no more 2,2
Specific restoring moment, g cm / deg, not less 110
Product weight, kg, no more 0,270
Assigned resource, flight hours 3000 (within 15 years)
Warranty operating time, flying hours 1500
Warranty period, years 8
Preservation using CIATIM-221 grease in accordance with GOST 9433-80 and placing in a film cover with a silica gel desiccant

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