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Antenna ASHS-1 8АТ-7103-320

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Notes for use and storage:

1. During operation, it is necessary to monitor the reliability of the connection of the power feeder to the antenna.

2. Antennas AShS-1 are interchangeable.

3. Under conditions of operation at high humidity, a decrease in the insulation resistance to 1 Mohm is allowed.

Product resource before the first overhaul is 1000 hours. plaque during a service life of 7-8 years, including a storage period of 2 years in warehouses, under normal conditions.

Between overhaul life 750 hours. plaque during the service life of 6 years.

Assigned resource 1750 hours. plaque at 1 repair during the service life of 15 years.

The indicated resources, service life and shelf life are valid if the consumer observes the requirements of the current operational documentation.

Наименование Характеристика
1. Масса изделия, кг 1,52
2. Диапазон рабочих частот антенны, МГц 100-150
3. Волновое сопротивление антенного фидера, Ом 50
4. КБВ антенны не менее 0,3
5. Антенна вибропрочна при нагрузках до 49 В в диапазоне частот, Гц от 10 до 100
6. Антенна работоспособна на высотах, м до 6000
7. Сопротивление изоляции при нормальных условиях (25±10°С; О=45÷80%; Р=630÷800 мм рт. ст.), Мом не менее 20