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Chip alarm filter FSS-1

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Main technical information:

a) filter type - mesh-slot;

b) type of signaling device - electric with a signal to a light bulb;

c) working fluid - synthetic oil B-3V according to TU 38.101295-75.


The service life of the product before the first overhaul is 2000 hours, including the storage period in the manufacturer's conservation is 10 years in warehouse conditions.

The overhaul life is 2000 hours.

The assigned resource is 10500 hours. with an unlimited number of repairs within the assigned resource.

The indicated resources, service life and storage life are valid if the consumer observes the requirements of the current technical documentation.

The manufacturer guarantees the operation of the product for 2000 hours for 10 years, including 10 years of direct operation, provided that the consumer observes the rules of operation, storage and transportation established by the operational documentation.