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Automatic circuit breaker AZSGK-10

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Automatic circuit breaker AZSGK-10 is designed to protect the electrical network of aircraft electrical systems from dangerous overload currents and short circuits when installed in cabins with red lighting. 
Automatic circuit breakers AZSGK are made without a free release, i.e. the automatic machine does not open the circuit in case of current overloads if the handle is held in the "ON" position and opens the circuit after the handle is released. 
Automatic gas stations differ from automatic gas-fired gas stations by a longer handle length and the absence of a luminous eye at the end of the handle. 
Automatic protection devices AZSGK for currents from 2 to 15 amperes are made with thermo-bimetallic releases having a current-dependent characteristic, automatic machines for currents from 20 to 50 amperes are made with thermo-bimetallic and electromagnetic releases.

Explanation of the symbol: 
 - AZS - circuit breaker without free tripping; 
 - G - presence of a sealed case; 
 - K - modification of the circuit breaker: without index "K" - automatic circuit breaker for normal operation; with the index "K" are installed in cabins with red lighting and are distinguished by an elongated handle and the absence of a luminous eye on it; 
 - 10 - value of the rated current, A.

Наименование Значение
1. Напряжение сети постоянного тока, В 27±10%
2. Номинальный ток, А 10
3. Кинематическая связь биметаллической пластины с контактами без свободного расцепления
4. Постоянная времени индуктивности сети для автоматов, сек: 0,015
5. Режим работы продолжительный
6. Количество включений, не более 10000