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Contactor TKS211ODL

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Electromagnetic contactors of the TKC series are a two-position electromagnetic device designed for remote switching on and off of power consumers of DC electricity with voltage up to 30V. The rated DC voltage in the control circuit (contactor coil) and in the main contact circuit is 27V (from 16V to 30V). The rated current in the main contact circuit is 100A, 200A, 400A and 600A, depending on the series. 

The operating principle of the contactor is based on the properties of an electromagnet. When the control voltage is applied to the contactor coil, the core is drawn in and the contacts of the main circuit are closed. In the absence of control voltage, the contacts open. 

 The TKC211ODL contactor consists of a contact system, an electromagnet and a plate connecting them, in which there are holes for attaching the contactor to the facility. 

Mounting method - screw, through the holes in the case. Connection of conductors - front. 

The assigned resource of the product is 10000 cycles during the service life of 11 years, including the shelf life in the manufacturer`s packaging no more than 2 years. 

The indicated resources, service life and storage time are valid provided that the consumer observes the conditions and rules of storage, transportation and operation established by the operational documentation.

Name Value
1. Rated voltage in the main circuit and the circuit of auxiliary conclusion, V, D.C. 27
2. Rated voltage in the control circuit, V, D.C. 27
3. Rated voltage, A:
- in the main circuit 200
- in the auxiliary output circuit 5
4. Character of the load:
- in the main circuit motor
- in the auxiliary output circuit inductive
5. Switching durability, cycles 10000
6. Time of total location of the winding at the highest heating, hours 1000
7. Product weight, kg 0,345

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